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About Cord DJ

Latest new features

  • Slash commands 🎉
  • 24/7 Stays in Voice Channel ⌚
  • Auto Delete Previous Played Music Name 🔨
  • Large Queue System 📜

Cord DJ is a discord music bot started by Venom in 2021, with hopes of making it the next big bot but with a twist; 100% free. Adding features and commands that other bots make you pay for to Cord DJ is our priority. Cord DJ is also inspired by long live king [Groovy and Rythm] Miss you guys.

Why you must use Cord DJ ?

3 reasons why you MUST use Cord DJ as a primary bot on your server


How it works ?

Cord DJ is a bot coded in JavaScript, an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS 100%
PhpBot dashboard soon...

Bot Commands

Here are some bot commands

  • Play a song .

    Play a song either from a URL or select from a list of returned results.
    Aliases: -p
    Bot Permissions: Connect , Speak , Embed Links
    Example: -play Despacito

  • Show the currently playing song in an embed listing the progress, the requester, the author and the progress bar.
    Aliases: -nowplaying , -np
    Bot Permissions: Embed Links

  • List every song that's waiting to be played along with the requester of that song.
    Aliases: -queue, -q
    Bot Permissions: Embed Links

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